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Does any of the below apply to you?

  • You want to sell or otherwise exit your business, but your business is not sustainable without you
  • You’re bogged down in daily details and have lost sight of the big picture
  • You want to grow your business
  • Your market is changing, or your products are getting outdated
  • You need to improve productivity

 If so, you need change and I can help!


Transformation Plan

It is estimated that 90% of organizations are not working from a plan.

Hence, they do not have a clear vision regarding the desired future state of the organization, they are lacking a strategy to achieve their objectives , or they are struggling to effectively manage the many things that need to be done to make the desired changes happen.


Whether you are you a start-up that needs a practical plan that it can act upon, or an existing organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, government, first nation etc) that requires change, you have come to the right place!


Transformix Consulting can:

  • provide training to develop a Transformation Plan
  • coach & assist to implement the plan

Plan Genie© is a simple-to-use and extremely effective cloud-based software tool to systematically go through all the steps of your Transformation Plan, and define the actions required to Transform your organization from Current State to Desired Future State.

I am a Certified Plan Genie Trainer.

Did you know:

  • 60% of Canada’s small and mid-sized business owners
  • are aged 50 and up
  • 40% of small business owners are looking for an exit in the next 5 years
  • Business with <20 employees are much less prepared for succession than bigger ones

Source: The Coming Wave of Business Transitions in Canada, Study by BDC, Sep 2017.

One M&A Accountant told me: ″80% of business owners that come to me to sell their business, have a business that is not sellable due to lacking management, organizational structure and processes″.


Transformation Map

A Transformation Map, or "T-Map", is a well-established method for providing a graphic depiction of current and future state, objectives, timelines and milestones.

A T-Map is a great way to communicate the Transformation Plan to your organization! 


Transformation map - Example

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement (CI) is a powerful tool and mindset to gradually improve your operational processes, day-by-day.  CI and "Lean" originate from manufacturing, but the same principals are applicable to any type of organization: service providers, non-profit, health care, government.

Many Lean tools exist, but the following two are a great start. 

If you are dealing with customer complaints, service delays, production issues, but you don't know where to start your process improvement, an incredibly effective method is the implementation of a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) process.
NCR's are used to identify the root-cause of problems and then define the changes (e.g. processes, forms, organizational) that will prevent those same issues from happening again.


Value Stream Mapping (VSM) will help identify "waste" in a specific work process in your organization. Once we know where things go wrong, get delayed etc, we can start removing those barriers by creating or changing procedures, forms, provide training, change storage systems, office layouts etc.


Transformix Consulting assists organizations:

  • build a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • run practical Value Stream Maps
  • implement other tools, such as NCR's, to drive improvement within the organization

I will work with you to put a framework in place and assist with implementation. When applicable, I will encourage clients to include specialists, such as in Finance, 6-Sigma, ERP or IT, and I will work with those parties to ensure flawless integration with the overall plan.




Jaap Siekman, MSc, PEng, PMP, principal of Transformix Consulting, has 30 years of Management, Engineering & Manufacturing experience in various industries in Canada and Europe.

He has been involved in many Lean and Continuous Improvement initiatives & Organizational Change programs, and he assists companies with Government Funding for projects related to Innovation & Growth. 

He has worked with organizations ranging from start-ups to SME's and multinationals. 

Jaap is a Certified Plan Genie Trainer.