Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Transformation Plan

What’s the difference? Which to use when?

You want to start your business

You’re bogged down in daily details and have lost sight of the big picture

You want to grow your business

Your market is changing, or your products are getting outdated

You need to improve productivity

You want to sell or otherwise exit your business, but your management team is reliant on your daily involvement

Starting your own business
ROOTS, or foundation of your improvement program

Statistics show that businesses that run from a written plan
30-50% more successful
than those that don't

Important note

Transformation Plan

It is estimated that 90% of organizations are not working from a plan.

  • Most of these do not have a clear vision regarding the desired FUTURE STATE of the organization
  • They are lacking a STRATEGY to achieve their objectives
  • They don't have a detailed ACTION PLAN for executing those strategies, or
  • They are struggling to effectively and consistently EXECUTE that action plan, hence the good intentions don't happen

If you want to START, GROW, prepare for EXIT, or otherwise CHANGE, or IMPROVE your business or organization, and you need help to do this in a structured manner, then you have come to the right place!

I will:

Help you develop a TRANSFORMATION PLAN

Help you set up a manageable ACTION PLAN

Support you and your team with EXECUTION of your Plan, and IMPLEMENTING the targeted Improvements

Facilitate quarterly and annual REVIEWS of your Plan


What's the difference?

Business Plan

Generaly used by start-ups to obtain funding

Usually not an actve document - Passive

Strategic Plan

Often associated with expensive documents, created by large accounting firms

Often become "Strategic Plan On Top Shelf" (SPOTS) - Passive

Execution often lacks

Transformation Plan

Simple, internal document, no bells, no whistles

Includes Action Plans to achieve change

To be shared with the entire company

Designed to be executed - Active

Transformation Plan

Many Small-Business owners have no desire to spend days on an extensive plan.

I get that!
My preferred template is therefor the Transformation Map.

The T-Map provides a 1-page overview of your long term goals (BHAG), 2-5 year corporate goals, 1 year functional/department goals, high level strategies for each, and some priority actions.

The T-Map is ideal for sharing with your staff, so that all know what's going on, where the company is going (try sharing a 30-page Strategic Plan....), and thus, why they are being asked to participate in certain projects.

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Transformation Plan: development and execution rhythm

It has been universally accepted that maintaining a fixed monthly - quarterly - annual rhythm is the most effective way to create sustained change.

Discovery Meeting (No Charge)

General get-to-know-eachother

Discuss your objectives

Agree on how we will collaborate

Develop your Transformation Plan

Critical thinking about your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

Define your 2-5 year corporate goals on the road to your BHAG

Define your 1-year goals for all functions in your organization

Define broad strategies to reach your 1-year goals

Start building an Action Plan, incl 3-month objectives (your "Rocks")

Monthly Task Review

Follow-up on your monthly progress, and adjust where needed

Define your next 1-month priorities and tasks

Quarterly Review

Review, celebrate your achievements

Define your next quarterly objectives

Annual Review

Review your Plan as a whole. Are we on track? Is your BHAG still valid?

Review, update your 2-5 year corporate goals

Develop new 1-year Goals

Update your Action Plan accordingly

Review Rhythm-2

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