Roots, Rocks, Results:

An 8-week program to kick-start your operational improvements

If you are serious about Operational & Organizational Change,
this program is for you.

Operational and organizational change

You are a Business Owner, and you want to:

  • Improve Productivity, Profitability, Quality, Staff Retention?
  • Reduce Production Losses, Customer Complaints, Overtime, Personal Stress?

This proven, comprehensive, 8-week program will kick-start your Continuous Improvement Program!

Organizational structure

Wk 1

Kick-off with owner

Open Brainstorms

Wk 2

Current (ROOTS) & Future (ROCKS) State Assessments (2 full days)

Improve operational efficiencies

Wk 3-8

Action Plan & Execution (RESULTS)

The program is designed for SME’s (>10 staff, >$1M Revenue) that are battling Operational and Organizational issues and have an urgent need to start tackling these issues quickly and effectively.

Success Story

Office and Shop personnel were spending countless hours finding parts, expediting purchase orders, communicating delays with clients.

We implemented a straightforward ABC-Inventory system, starting with weekly counts of the A items (first count had 40% errors!), and, using 5S, we reorganized the inventory.

Inventory is now accurate and reliable, no time is wasted anymore on chasing parts. The owner told me literally “the changes have been transformational”. He is now confidently growing Sales, knowing he will not burn out his staff.
He has promoted a staff member into an operational management position, which further enables his semi-retirement (owner has moved and is on site only 2 days a week).

CDE Manufacturing Company

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