Business Coaching

Why Business Coaching? What is Business Coaching?

We all know what they say: "It's lonely at the top".
For Small-Business owners this is often very true when it comes to concerns about the business. Many Business owners have no one to talk to about what's keeping them up at night: concerns around shrinking margins, operations, staff, quality, stress, overload etc. Who can they bounce ideas off with regards to growing the business, or adding a new product line?

Firstly, as an experienced Business Coach I offer a confidential SOUNDING BOARD. Business Owners can talk to me about business concerns that they can't discuss with anyone else. We discuss the owner's concerns, ideas, I provide feedback, suggestions that the owner can then use to make his/her own decisions.

Secondly, with my 30 years of experience in industry, I INTRODUCE & help  IMPLEMENT PRACTICES, TOOLS & PROCESSES that are industry-proven, but often new to small-business owners and their staff.

How does coaching look like?

We can collaborate in various ways:

One-to-ones with the owner

  • Your biggest current concerns
  • Your latest achievements
  • Personal Development
  • Actions for the next session

Sessions with the Management Team

  • Action Plan development & follow-up 
  • Discuss management problems
  • Brainstorm solutions

Workshops with staff

  • Introducing new concepts for improvement
  • Brainstorming problems, solutions

Program Outline

My clients have unique challenges and different needs.
I therefor offer a fully customizable program for collaboration.

Discovery meeting (no charge)

  • This is a first meeting to get to know each other

  • I clarify the possible components of my program

  • You explain your current challenges and objectives

Develop your Plan

  • Assess your current state
  • Define your goals & milestones (future state)
  • List strategies & action plans for all areas of the business

Execute your Plan

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual review & updates

Business Transformation

  • Initiate & guide implementation of improvements in Organizational Structure, Management Practices and Operational Efficiencies
continious-business-improvement - Portrait

Toolbox & workshops

During my 30 years in Engineering & Operational Management and Continuous Improvement ("Lean"), I gained an extensive set of tools that I have now available to help my clients expand their own skills, train their team, improve Operational Efficiencies and overall transform their business.

  • Transformation Map
  • Organizational Structure & RACI
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Project Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Problem Brainstorm
  • Intro to LEAN
  • 8-Wastes
  • 5S & Gemba walk
  • Ishikawa/5-Why Root Cause Analysis
  • NCR’s (Non-Conformance Reports)
  • T-SWOT
  • Theory of Constraint / bottlenecks

For more information on some of these tools, see the "Resources" section, or contact me!

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