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Why Business Coaching?
What is Business Coaching?

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Hard working business owner

Are you also wondering how to grow your business? You’re not alone! A Business Coach may help.

However, there are different types of Business Coaches and it’s important to understand the difference, when selecting the right one for your problem.

  • Leadership Coaches focus on you as a person, your management and leadership skills.
  • Marketing Coaches and Sales Coaches help you develop and improve the Marketing & Sales side of your business in order to grow your Revenue. For example Branding, Sales methods or setting up your CRM.
  • Strategic Planning Coaches help you create a solid Strategic Plan. Having a complete Strategic Plan is especially important for start-ups and when trying to obtain funding (any bank or investor will ask for one).

My type of Business Coach is focused on Operational & Organizational Change (or Continuous Improvement, Operational Efficiencies).
Most of my clients do NOT need a Strategic Plan or more Sales. Their company lacks the capacity to meet  demand and the owners are overworked. They have the demand but don’t know how to grow. I help these clients with improving the “inner workings of the business:, through initiating & implementing Operational & Organizational Change.

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    Operational & Organizational Change

As a Business Owner you probably agree:
"It's lonely at the top"

Many Business Owners have no one to talk to about what's keeping them up at night: concerns around shrinking margins, operations, staff, quality, stress, overload etc. Who can they bounce ideas off with regards to growing the business, or adding a new product line?

I consider myself a Business Coach, although many refer to me as a Management Consultant, or Business Consultant. More on the differences in a separate page on this site, but in short: I am NOT a Business Consultant who will come in, does an investigation, writes a report for you on how you should do things and then leaves. 

As your Business Coach, I offer a confidential sounding board: Business Owners can talk to me about business concerns that they can't discuss with anyone else. We discuss the owner's concerns, ideas, I provide feedback, suggestions that the owner can then use to make his/her own decisions.

Based on my 30 years of experience in industry, 

  • I help you develop an Action Plan plan for Business Transformation, 
  • I help you implement industry-proven Tools, Practices, & Processes, and
  • I’ll introduce you to models for Operational & Organizational Change Management to make your Change Program successful
Business owner needs coaching

How does coaching look like?

We will work together in various ways, based entirely on your needs and preferences.

One to one meeting business owner

One-to-one sessions with you

Management team sessions

Team sessions with your Management Team

Teams brainstorming

Teams brainstorms with staff

One to one sessions management

Supporting One-to-one sessions with individual Managers and Supervisors


Calendar to book meetings


you chose our interaction to meet your needs (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, on demand). Usually the frequency declines once the initial assessments have been done and a plan is in place

Online and onsite meetings

Online, Onsite:

- 121’s are generally done online as it is convenient and cost efficient.

- Team Brainstorms can be done online, but are definitely more engaging, effective and fun when done onsite, with the group in a room.

Meeting time


- 121's are generally 1 - 2 hour
- Team brainstorms: 2 - 4 hours


Payment Method:

Pre-paid Retainer

I am NOT part of a Coaching Franchise,
have total freedom to customize
my service to meet YOUR needs.

Important note

Success Story

We discovered / quantified ~ $30,000 in monthly rework at a manufacturer with $3M annual Revenue. We’re resolving this through a relatively simple process change, we’re tracking future rework costs through a KPI Dashboard, and we’re enforcing conformance to the new process through an NCR process (Non-Conformance Reporting).

Adherence to the adjusted process will triple the bottom line and allow the 60-year-old owner to pay off his $1M business & personal debt in less than the targeted 5 years (age 65).

ABC Manufacturing Company

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