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Business exit planning

Business for Sale? Succession? Preparing the business for your EXIT

Business succession exit

You want  to put up your business for sale? Is the business prepared for your exit? Let’s talk!

At events for Succession Planning and Exit Strategy, people are usually talking about financials, tax planning and legal considerations.

The Operational side is often overlooked: is the business actually sellable, would a buyer be able to run the business?

Many small businesses never sell, or they fail within 6 months after the transition. A major contributor to this is the “reliance of the business on the owner's daily involvement”: the owner makes all the decisions, is the only one privy to key knowledge or processes, the management team (if there is one) is not well developed (e.g. no delegated Accountability, Authority), etc.

When you want to put up your business for sale, you need an Exit Strategy. I’m there to help you improve the VALUE and SELLABILITY of your business. I may touch on all Key Business Value Drivers listed below, however, the core focus of my work is on the Operational & Organizational aspects.

When the objective is Succession Planning, I help build the Management Team, implement or improve Systems & Processes, so that the successor will be successful in running the business after your exit.

Key value business drivers
Business exit planning


“Jaap Siekman has worked with us since June 2019 as we transition our company from one generation to another. We have enjoyed working with Jaap as he brings an outsider’s perspective into our discussions and asks intelligent questions. He keeps our discussions on task and focused on the key objectives. He has worked hard to bring structure to our very unstructured business, which is a challenging task!”

Scarlett Duntz
Bowen Island Properties LP

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