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3-Step Process for Business Transformation

When planning a trip through Google Maps:

  • you type in your destination
  • you choose your start location
  • and Google will provide you with directions for how to travel

My 3-Step Process for Business Transformation is very much the same.

Step 1: Current State

I call this the ROOTS, or foundation of your improvement program.
At this stage of the program, we verify and document your current Organizational Structure (Org Chart), your current Work Processes, and we’ll gather in a broad sense the challenges you are facing .
When we identify a major and complex problem, we’ll do a Root Cause Analysis to identify the various underlying causes.

Interactive team workshops include:

ROOTS, or foundation of your improvement program
Process mapping


Organizational structure

Organizational Structure Review

Open Brainstorms


Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause

Step 2: Future State

If you are like most of my clients, you probably have a general idea for where you want to take your business. But how specific is this? Is it measurable, do you have a timeline (aka, are your Goals “SMART”?). Do you truly know your “WHY” and have you thought about the consequences of your choices for you personally?

Together we will develop and document your Vision:

  • your corporate “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG), down to
  • 1-year departmental Goals,
  • the most important and urgent 3-month Goals (“ROCKS”) that you need to start working on now
  • high level strategies

As my preferred tool for this, I use the Transformation Map: a visual, 1-page overview of your Vision, than you can share with and is easy to be understood by your staff. Having a Vision and be able to share this with your organization is a necessity for Change Programs to succeed (see Kotter’s 8-step Model for Change)

Referring back to your current Org Chart from phase 1, we will envision a future Org Chart that will be needed to support your Vision. This will drive the development of your Management Team and hiring, onboarding and training practices.

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Step 3: Action Plans

Based on the various assessments in step 1 and 2, we will create a comprehensive Action Plan with both Quick-Wins (small tasks to get momentum) and larger Improvement Tasks and Projects.

We will implement a process for you to effectively and sustainably manage your CI program.

And I will help you gain experience with managing your Action Plan through “guided implementation”.

Through subsequent Coaching I can continue supporting you in your Continuous Improvement journey.


“I was a little skeptical when I learned that our CEO had arranged for Jaap to come in, to, what I understood at the time, consult us on the structure of our business. But once we got into it, I was surprised how easily and simply, from an outside perspective, Jaap was able to see and explain to us how we were operating our business.

With his friendly, professional, intelligent workshops, he helped us define our Processes, Organizational Structure and Company Goals, he made these visual by putting them on charts and together we developed a roadmap, which helped us understand where we are, which way we want to go and how to get there.
By promoting some of our employees into roles of Accountability, we now have more time to work on the business and make better decisions faster. He covered every department, from Marketing & Sales, Operations and Finance, to HR, IT and Management.”

Jim Chahal
Purchasing Manager, Coast Building Supplies Ltd.

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