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Plan Genie© offers a simple and effective way to build a written plan from which to run or transform a business and any other type of organization.

This introductory workshop is for you, if for example:

  • You’re bogged down in daily details and have lost sight of the big picture
  • You want to grow your business
  • Your market is changing
  • You need to improve productivity
  • You want to sell, but your business is not sustainable without you (preparing for succession)

During this hands-on 4-hour workshop, you will:

  • learn why a written plan is important for your success
  • learn how to use the Plan Genie program
  • start the foundation of your own plan


1)         Introduction & context setting
2)         Overview of Plan Genie
3)         Step 1: Goal setting
4)         Step 2: Values
5)         Step 3: Understand your current situation
6)         Step 4: Action plans
7)         Wrap up and path forward

I organize open workshops with 6-16 participants, on a regular basis, based on demand. 

In-house sessions are provided to organizations that prefer a dedicated workshop tailored to their management team.




Most clients that go through the Plan Genie workshop want follow-up support to further develop and execute their Transformation Plan.

My standard 1-year package (which can be adjusted of course) includes:

 1) Quarterly plan development & adjustment: 

  • Full day, every first month of the quarter
  • Status update of last month’s tasks
  • Review of the Plan (Plan Genie)
  • Developing next Quarter’s objectives and tasks
  • Special exercise* 

2) Monthly reviews: 

  • Monthly team meeting, 2 hrs, every second and third month of the quarter
  • Review of tasks, task adjustment, confirm tasks for next 


* A number of tools and exercises are available to help overcome hurdles that many organizations face. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Transformation Map to provide a high level graphic depiction of your plan that can be shared the organization
  • RACI to clarify roles and responsibilities in your team
  • Value Stream Map to clarify processes and identify process improvements
  • Individual job clarification
  • One-on-one coaching to address motivation, communication, behaviour etc
  • Basics of Lean, and introduction to Lean tools and terminology like 5S, 7-wastes, flow, PDCA, SMART goals, A3
  • Business Model Canvas to define critical issues around new product / market introductions 

Jaap Siekman, MSc, PEng, PMP, principal of Transformix Consulting, has 30 years of Management, Engineering & Manufacturing experience in various industries in Canada and Europe.

He has been involved in many Lean and Continuous Improvement initiatives & Organizational Change programs, and he assists companies with Government Funding for projects related to Innovation & Growth. 

He has worked with organizations ranging from start-ups to SME's and multinationals. 

Jaap is a Certified Plan Genie Trainer.