Personal Transformation Canvas workshop: Focus theme Finance Jan/Feb TBA

Personal Transformation Canvas workshop: Focus theme Finance Jan/Feb TBA


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Focus theme Personal Finance:

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Jaap Siekman business and life coach

About the presenter, Jaap Siekman MSc, PEng, PMP

Born in The Netherlands, Jaap (pronounced “Yaap”) is an Engineer by education and has worked in a wide variety of industries in Holland and Canada, up to Director level, and eventually went into consulting. As a Manager, he always enjoyed helping others to grow both in their profession and personally.

A Business Coach since 2019, Jaap works with Small-Business Owners in any stage of their business life: from young entrepreneurial start-ups, to established businesses, to baby-boomers preparing to sell & exit their business. He helps these owners with establishing their business, initiating growth, change or improvement, or improving value & sellability. In all cases, specific goal setting is a critical part of the work.

As a Life Coach, Jaap developed the Personal Transformation Canvas© in response to ever-repeating stories of people not knowing where they’re heading, struggling with money or health, and eventually ending up with regrets. Being the engineer, Jaap brings solution-based thinking to these discussions: rather than regurgitating the past, what can we change and do now to make life better?

Jaap is married, has 2 young-adult children. He stays active by going to the gym, running kayaking & bicycling, he plays drums and djembe, dabbles in hobbies like wood carving, pottery and cheese making. He has served as Volunteer Treasurer for community organizations in Surrey, BC, is a Volunteer Advisor with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) and a Volunteer Mentor with Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (EGBC).

Pascale Hansen

Pascale Hansen, CCS EPC, CPCA

Pascale Hansen is a experienced Money Coach, focusing on financial planning for business owners including sourcing insurance products for recommended strategies. Pascale educates her clients through the planning process and advocates for their best interests when negotiating on their behalf with the vetted strategic partners she brings to the table.

Pascale has been a strategic business partner for her clients for more than 20 years in various roles. A career highlight for Pascale was being called to be part of Sir Richard Branson’s execution team to launch Virgin Air’s direct flight from Vancouver, BC to London,England in 2012.

Currently, in addition to her private clients, Pascale is the Director of The Successful Retirement Solution and Insurance Advisor for a boutique investment firm, Capital Concepts Group.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Pascale decided to obtain her psychology degree from the University of British Columbia so she could pursue her passion for skiing on a regular basis. Subsequent to her degree, Pascale obtained three coaching certifications and a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Practitioner certification which allows her to take a comprehensive approach to financial planning, reviewing problems from both a psychological and financial standpoint with a focus on practical solutions.

As an author, Pascale has contributed to the book “Simple Success Strategies” which was created to support entrepreneurs, co-authored “Shine: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity”, and penned “101 Powerful Tips for Improving Your Credit Score” for educational purposes.

Detailed Agenda


with Jaap Siekman

to Planning:

WHY is planning important?

How to create SMART Goals

Dealing with a changing world

Introduction to the Personal Transformation CanIntroduction to the Personal Transformation Canvas©

Start working on
your own Canvas:

One-by-one introduction of each of the 5 sections

Discuss interaction with the other pieces of your life

Set far-in-the-future-goals and think about your WHY

At the end of this
session you will:

Have a good understanding of how the Personal Transformation Canvas© works

Have made a great start with thinking about / setting some BIG goals and your WHY



with Pascale Hansen, Money Coach

Financial dreams

1. Identifying your financial WHY
2. Key Financial Concepts
3. Your Financial House
4. Why you need to invest
5. The biggest risk to your retirement income
6. A Tax-efficient Portfolio
7. The 6 Steps to financial independence
8. Managing risk: insurance and legal agreements

At the end of this session you will have:

Know what you
need to create:

a crystal-clear picture of your desired future state (i.e. at “retirement” age),

your current financial state, and

an action plan to achieve your vision

Have a basic understanding of the importance of:

your income & expenses (budget / cashflow statement), your debts & assets (balance sheet)


your post-retirement income & expenses (CPP/OAS, pensions, investment returns, expenses)

Have a basic understanding of managing risk:

insurance as a means for financial protection (e.g. life, disability, critical illness)

legal protection (e.g. last will, living will)


with Jaap Siekman

T-SWOT: introduction to an incredible powerful way to help you create & assess life choices

Refine your goals for the reminaing pieces of your Canvas

Determine immediate actions to start working towards your goals

Open discussion & Q&A

At the end of this session you will have:

Have started refining your goals and defined immediate actions to get your transformation in motion

Know how to execute your plan and maintain your Canvas in the future

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