Peergroup – TBA

Peergroup – TBA


Peergroup – Start to be announced

Jaap Siekman business and life coach

About the presenter, Jaap Siekman MSc, PEng, PMP

Born in The Netherlands, Jaap (pronounced “Yaap”) is an Engineer by education and has worked in a wide variety of industries in Holland and Canada, up to Director level, and eventually went into consulting. As a Manager, he always enjoyed helping others to grow both in their profession and personally.

A Business Coach since 2019, Jaap works with Small-Business Owners in any stage of their business life: from young entrepreneurial start-ups, to established businesses, to baby-boomers preparing to sell & exit their business. He helps these owners with establishing their business, initiating growth, change or improvement, or improving value & sellability. In all cases, specific goal setting is a critical part of the work.

As a Life Coach, Jaap developed the Personal Transformation Canvas© in response to ever-repeating stories of people not knowing where they’re heading, struggling with money or health, and eventually ending up with regrets. Being the engineer, Jaap brings solution-based thinking to these discussions: rather than regurgitating the past, what can we change and do now to make life better?

Jaap is married, has 2 young-adult children. He stays active by going to the gym, running kayaking & bicycling, he plays drums and djembe, dabbles in hobbies like wood carving, pottery and cheese making. He has served as Volunteer Treasurer for community organizations in Surrey, BC, is an international Volunteer Advisor with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) and a Volunteer Mentor with Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (EGBC).

Individuals who have completed one of the introductory workshops may want to join this PEER GROUP.
During monthly 1 - 2 hour interactive on-line sessions, 6-8 participants will support eachother in reaching their goals.
Using the Personal Transformation Canvas© we will work on fine-tuning Goals, Strategies and Actions. We will support eachother and provide constructive feedback. We will ask critical questions about participants' "WHY", in order to create greater clarity.
We will hold eachother accountable for performing the tasks that we had set out to do.


This is for individuals:

Who have gone through one of the introductory workshops

Who like collaborating in a peergroup to learn and receive support from, and to support others

Are serious about reaching their goals in a structured manner

The Personal Transformation Canvas©:

What is your Big Goal in life? And WHY?

Develop goals for the 5 pieces of your Canvas.

Which actions can you start taking to get towards your goals?

During each session you will:

Fine tune your Goals

Share your progress or challenges

Provide constructive feedback and suggestions to others

Set actions for the next meeting

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