Personal Transformation Canvas workshop: Focus Theme Health & Wellness – TBA

Personal Transformation Canvas workshop: Focus Theme Health & Wellness – TBA


Focus theme Health & Wellness
Dates to be announced

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Focus theme Health & Wellness
Dates to be announced

Jaap Siekman business and life coach

About the presenter, Jaap Siekman MSc, PEng, PMP

Born in The Netherlands, Jaap (pronounced “Yaap”) is an Engineer by education and has worked in a wide variety of industries in Holland and Canada, up to Director level, and eventually went into consulting. As a Manager, he always enjoyed helping others to grow both in their profession and personally.

A Business Coach since 2019, Jaap works with Small-Business Owners in any stage of their business life: from young entrepreneurial start-ups, to established businesses, to baby-boomers preparing to sell & exit their business. He helps these owners with establishing their business, initiating growth, change or improvement, or improving value & sellability. In all cases, specific goal setting is a critical part of the work.

As a Life Coach, Jaap developed the Personal Transformation Canvas© in response to ever-repeating stories of people not knowing where they’re heading, struggling with money or health, and eventually ending up with regrets. Being the engineer, Jaap brings solution-based thinking to these discussions: rather than regurgitating the past, what can we change and do now to make life better?

Jaap is married, has 2 young-adult children. He stays active by going to the gym, running kayaking & bicycling, he plays drums and djembe, dabbles in hobbies like wood carving, pottery and cheese making. He has served as Volunteer Treasurer for community organizations in Surrey, BC, is a Volunteer Advisor with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) and a Volunteer Mentor with Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (EGBC).

Mikkie headshot

Guest speaker Mikkie Nettles
Holistic Nutritionist / Personal Trainer

I am a mother of 4, a Certified Holistic/Sports Nutritionist, BCRPA Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Trainer, Pre/postnatal specialist and Body building/Figure/Fitness coach and athlete. 

My passion is to help people live a disease-free life by preventative measures like fitness and proper food planning. Every-body is different, hence not every-body responds the same. 

This is challenging and exciting as when the magic formula is found, people start losing weight, and / or start coming off various medications for chronic conditions as Diabetes type 2, cholesterol, high blood pressure…. For others, I find triggers in foods that make them feel unwell, and develop a plan they can live on, having the right nutrients, even with their allergies or sensitivities. 

So how did I get into the health field? Growing up I was in many sports, but even though I was physically very active, not overweight and ate fairly well, I started experiencing some issues and was told that I had asthma, sleep apnea and PVC's (pre-ventricular contractions) of the heart. I was advised to go on a puffer, have my nose re-broken (as it had been broken twice before), and be put on a beta blocker. That's when I decided I had to take my health in my own hands, as I didn't want to live on medications for rest of my life and also didn't want to be in surgery to get my nose re-broken. I did allergy testing with a naturopath and it showed that I was pretty well allergic to everything. I knew at the time with the limited nutrition I had, that foods in different combinations could create a reaction. This was my start into the nutrition world. I was already a trainer, so this was my missing link.

Today I live medicine free, I know my triggers with foods and the different stages where I really have to be careful i.e. hormonally, sleep wise, stress and when I eat certain foods before bed. All these things can trigger a mild or major reaction. With all that I have learned personally and with my education I have been able to help others to live a healthier and pain-free life, depending on the situation.  

Cameron David

Guest speaker Cameron David
Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer since 2015 and am certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.
In short, I am a fitness nerd. Instead of looking at only the physical body, I take a whole-human and life-perspective approach to fitness and health. I personally believe that without attention to the realms of body, mind, nutrition and community, it is all too common to fail the same way when tackling health and fitness goals.

I have a background in Kinesiology and Health Science, and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all realms of health and wellness. Specifically, I am extremely passionate about helping people who feel like they are too busy to achieve the health they want for themselves.
My mission is to provide access for those people to achieve optimal health and balance in their life. I realized my passion through going through my own health journey. When I was 5 years old, my dad passed away due to a heart aneurysm. I withdrew in childhood into my own world through video games. Before long, I started to develop physical pain and discomfort followed by a diagnosis with structural scoliosis. Through this struggle, I started to self-learn at the age of 16 about how we can feel better through healthy eating and exercise. I would view fitness and health as a video game. From that moment forward, my path was clear. I am committed to helping people achieve optimal health to restore mobility and function, so they can enjoy their lives with the people they love most. My personal promise to the world is to assure that everyone feels heard and valued. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve optimal health, and that with collaboration and care we can get there.

Detailed Agenda


with Jaap Siekman

to Planning:

WHY is planning important?

How to create SMART Goals

Dealing with a changing world

Introduction to the Personal Transformation Canvas©

Start working on
your own Canvas:

One-by-one introduction of each of the 5 sections

Discuss interaction with the other pieces of your life

Set far-in-the-future-goals and think about your WHY

At the end of this
session you will:

Have a good understanding of how the Personal Transformation Canvas© works

Have made a great start with thinking about / setting some BIG goals and your WHY

Health & Welness 

with Cameron David (Personal Trainer) and Mikkie Nettles (Nutritionist)

Essential movement & making it fun

Foods for energy, the brain, and what eating poorly does to our body and mind, and the resulting impact

Hunger versus bored

Open discussion and Q&A

At the end of this session you will have:

a simple workout plan that can be done anywhere

learned about NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and ADL (Activities of daily living)

have recipes for 10 easy meals on a budget

SESSION 3  -  Completing your canvas

with Jaap Siekman

T-SWOT: Introduction to a tremendously powerful way to help you create & assess life choices

Refine your goals for the remaining pieces of your Canvas

Determine immediate actions to start working towards your goals

Open discussion and Q&A

At the end of this session you will:

Have started refining your goals and defined immediate actions to get your transformation in motion

Know how to execute your plan and maintain your Canvas in the future

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