Once again, Canada’s low and declining productivity is in the news.

“Productivity” relates to how much we produce per hour of work. In the blue-collar settings that I work in, increasing productivity means improving “Operational Efficiencies”.

In a time of exploding living expenses, both business owners AND their employees (!) should be interested in this, as improving productivity means higher profitability, and thus more room for owners to pay higher wages (retention!).

Working with dozens of SME’s, I’ve seen common opportunities to improve Operational Efficiencies, actions that don’t require massive investments in technology or equipment:

–       Have a clear Org Chart, with Accountabilities well defined (everyone knows who’s doing what, and who to ask)
–       Ensure Managers and Supervisors have proper Management skills (efficient, effective management practices that don’t frustrate your staff)
–       Well developed Work Processes that make execution go like a well-oiled machine.

It’s remarkable how much room there is for relatively easy improvements within many companies, both small and large. It’s “just” a matter of identifying the issues, define solutions, and implement those. When in doubt where to start: ask your business coach. 

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